July 05, 2023

In an increasingly interconnected world, businesses worldwide are realizing the tremendous potential of selling beyond their domestic borders. Exporting offers numerous financial benefits that can catapult companies to new levels of growth and profitability. Sometimes, however, exporters can let short-term, small-sized opportunities crowd out long-term, large-profit positions.  Thus, it is worth reminding exporters that international business is dynamic and constantly evolving to adapt to changing global landscapes. Here are four (4) trends that currently shape the practice of international business:

  • Digital Transformation: The accelerated digital transformation has revolutionized international business operations. E-commerce, digital marketing, data analytics, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) have become critical components of global business strategies. Exporters are leveraging digital technologies to identify new customers, enhance customer experiences, and gain competitive advantages in international markets.
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Consumers and stakeholders are increasingly demanding ethical and environmentally responsible practices from businesses. Companies that prioritize sustainability initiatives, promote social responsibility, and adopt eco-friendly practices are better positioned to attract customers, secure partnerships, and build a positive brand image in global markets.
  • Geopolitical Uncertainty: Geopolitical events and shifts in trade policies significantly impact international business. Ongoing geopolitical uncertainties such as the war in Ukraine and U.S.-China tensions create volatility and risk for companies operating in global markets. Businesses must closely monitor geopolitical developments, assess risks, and adapt their strategies to mitigate potential disruptions to their international sales.
  • Emerging Market Focus: Of all trends affecting international business, the most impactful is the emergence of rapid growth markets, particularly in India. Consider the long-term, large-profit play represented by this projection of the “Biggest Economies in 2050”:

As India grows economically, it offers vast consumer bases, expanding middle classes, and openness to new suppliers of goods and services. Sectors with potential include information technology, healthcare, renewable energy, defense, and education. Many corporations are directing their attention toward India to capitalize on these opportunities. Surely, a long-term, large-profit view of the world incorporates India as a key market. As with every country, navigating the unique challenges and complexities of India requires a localized approach and tailored strategy.

Selling into international markets requires careful planning, market research, understanding of trade regulations, and adaptation to cultural differences. SRK and Associates offers comprehensive market entry assistance to companies wishing to enter the world’s most populous market, India.  To date, we have assisted over 2500 U.S. companies with market entry services. For further information, please contact Supriya Kanetkar:


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