SRK provides a wide range of international trade and investment services to its numerous clients across the world.

SRK also offers services to foreign companies interested in exploring business opportunities in India as well as to Indian exporters interested in overseas markets.

The services for Indian Exporters are provided in cooperation with our associates located in 20 countries covering more than 100 markets.

Some of the several key services include:

Market Research

From an overview of the market that gives basic understanding of the market potential to indepth market studies which include market analysis, emerging trends, competition, potential business opportunities, SRK provides up -to -date market research reports. The market research also includes expert insights and recommendations for entry strategy that helps clients in developing their businesses in a new market.

Potential Agent / Representative / Distributor/Partner Search

SRK assists clients in identifying suitable agents/ distributors/ representatives and end users. Based on client's requirements, the team conducts research and identifies best potential prospects that fulfil their clients' requirements.

The team also assist clients in pre-screening and qualifying suitable companies as well as helps them in establishing direct communication with interested potential companies. Inputs and assistance is also available for negotiation.

Match making & In-country assistance

SRK provides complete in-country support & services to clients when they are travelling in-country. This includes match making services- meetings with appropriate contacts such as potential agent/distributors, partners, end users, government agencies and value added services such as logistical support (hotel reservations & in country travel assistance as per requirements of the client).

The qualified contacts are identified and pre-screened in consultation with the client.

SRK also provides accompaniment services.

Background check information

SRK provides two types of background check services - confidential or by directly contacting the subject (the said company).

On request, SRK's team can also collect references on behalf of the client.

Information on regulatory requirements & import duty

While entering into a new market, it is important to understand the regulatory framework of that country. SRK provides information about the certification/ standards and regulatory requirements depending on the product specifications of the client.

SRK also provides import duty information as this has impact on the export pricing.

Trade Missions

SRK's team has expertise in managing Sector specific as well as Multi Sector ranging Trade Missions of varied capacities at multiple locations.

SRK's Trade Missions services are utilized by Foreign Government agencies, Industry associations and Economic Development Agencies from different countries.

Trade Mission services include market briefings, match making and organizing networking events & receptions for the visiting Trade Delegation.

Follow up is crucial after any in-country visit. For interested individual participants, SRK can provide follow up assistance.

Trade Event participation

SRK provides Trade Event support to clients when they are participating in a Trade Event. This support includes assistance in booth reservation, setting up of booth, coordination in booth construction (for raw space), assistance during the trade show and collecting trade enquires.

SRK also participates in Trade Shows on behalf of its client (if the client is unable to participant in event in person), manage the booth, handle the enquiries at booth and collect responses.

SRK team is also available to provide follow up assistance after the event.

In-country representation

SRK provides cost effective solutions to foreign companies that are interested to have presence in Indian market without the hassle of having to set up the subsidiary. This option allows the companies to have dedicated staff to promote their product, oversee the distributors’ activities and have a direct dialogue with their end users/customers.

Pennsylvania and Envoy Program:
For Pennsylvania companies, these services as well as short term project assistance services are provided under Envoy program. To learn more about the Envoy program, please contact us.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) attraction

SRK provides FDI attraction services to PA Department of Economic and Community Development. In this capacity the consultants work closely with Indian companies interested in expanding their operations to North America.

Facilities for the Client @ Workplace:

SRK welcomes its clients to utilize office facilities at the head office in Bengaluru that include:

Phone, fax, photocopying, internet access
Conference room for meetings
Staff assistance.

Industry Sectors:

SRK works across several diverse industry sectors. Some of them are:

  • Agriculture & Forestry (Hardwood)
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Food Processing
  • Infrastructure, Building & Construction
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Life Sciences/ Biopharma/ Healthcare
  • Mining, Metals & Minerals
  • Medical Devices, Instruments and Equipment
  • Port & Logistics
  • Telecommunication